bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 8th March 2015.

For the first time this year yesterday early evening, i perched in the garden held my glass of chardonnay up the the suns rays watched the colours mingle through the glass telling strange stories as i swirled the wine around, thinking wow, how nice to sit out and glance across the sleeping garden...alot of work thought i for this coming nice the wine tasted sat outside, how nice the world beyond the garden was kept beyond my mind....i could have possibly sat there all evening throwing away the work saddle, watching it limp sigh flop into stillness not to be press ganged for a good few body sighed too whispering i need a rest from the madness you put me through all that road rage, all that road works did we ever get a green light i sighed too all those 60's comics with Dan Dare in future Cities, it is certainly not happening in this red bricked Manchester basin...i doubt even in a hundred years not even Dan Dare's big toe will have touched such visions...
Today this Trinity Sunday of United Nations day for Womens Rights and International i read that i could not help but think should that not be every day for Womens Rights and as for International Peace never in a million years..sadly....However no time to dwell on such..time to get ready my travelling boots are feeling horny they shiver in the corner foam at the boot laces time to climb into my space rocket and dash to see Dan Dare in Nottingham and yes must not forget big kiss for Winnie-The-Poo...For all whom pass this way may the weekend shine and peace be with you where ever you are...

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