bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 11th March 2015.

Tis but just past 5am..the onslaught of rubber on tarmac beyond my window has yet to begin that famous quote of the word rush hour these days is but a snail in slow motion... the Goblins of the night have scuffed thier pink laced hob-nailed boots and have left my mind, to perhaps find another adventure as night falls on the southern hemisphere..they were not happy last i took to my pillow to many thoughts after watching the film...The Imitation Game...take away the war story...and sexuality during that period brings more spiders out from under the floor boards than any film i have seen for quite awhile..the flash backs too school days reminds me very much of myself....the judgement on Alan Turing..and others during that period was sadder than flat beer....whether i can watch it again will be a test...60 odd years ago is that a long time or not...perhaps just a blip perhaps nothing at all...yet i am glad  i reached up in HMV...Nottingham..and plucked it from the shelf recommended by another..she said she cried...i think i was more angry to angry to become to emotional...The naming of one street in Manchester after him is perhaps not enough...So Goeth...

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