bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 12th March 2015.

My friend of fizz...IRN-BRU..sits besides me a potion of liquid that melts girders, never lets me down, the same taste, the same can, God forbid if it ever changed....could i stand such a shock...perhaps...night has fallen in the Manchester basin the onslaught of rubber tyres outside my window is a simple soft rush..the clatter of raindrops banging on the window trying to gain an entrance to a room some call madness has drifted away to some other window...i eye the ticking clock as i can hear the Black Goblins of the night lacing there pink laced hob nailed boots they have been quite brutal this week those dreams where you dream as if you dream within a dream...perhaps they are not happy for whilst i have been home alone for half the week the slut within has been purring away after being let out to play the coo and cooing has brought some relief to her, i saw a blog during the week where a fellow transvestite had not dressed for six weeks and was beginning to feel that madness that perhaps drives us all if one admits to oneself that the self is indeed a transvestite...half my mind is one the film i watched at the beginning of the week...The Imitation Game...i am tempted to watch again very soon to see if the same feelings erupt through the crazy street mix which makes up this still young mind in the wrinkles of a pigs belly after laying in the sunshine all day...i put the film as close as the fear of flying i once had after a few bumpy rides through turblance and a few crazy Australian pilots whom landed aircraft as if they were playing cricket...i have also spent much time this week in this room going through clutter trying to put some order on it and trying to whisper to myself you must rid at least some of it...
I think i have rambled enough, its time to trip the light fantastic and bash the pillow with a host of fantasy before the Goblins strike....and try to steer me away from being the captain of my ship...So Goeth...Love and Peace to all whom pass this way...

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