bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 26th March 2015.

For most of the time in my daily crawl around the urban blight i live within, i have moved over the years into the mode of oblivion as far as sound bites popped as news casts drift across the air waves, the endless twenty four hour media drone catapultes on and on about what they think is the correct sound bite for mere mortals like myself..My iron mask built over the years to such events keeps out a considerable amount of goose-gogs and spider gargoyles scattered as if leafs on the wind....However the tragic events of the downed airliner this week has managed to slip under my iron mask and fill my thoughts with jumping goblins i have to decide how to repair the chink in my iron mask for my own well being..i think a glass of chardonnay will help put a few pegs in the right holes as the sadness of the event drifts....

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