bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 27th March 2015.

Thank goodness i am almost kissing the weekend one more day in the saddle then bliss for a few hide away from the world and all those love bites in the media circus...the General Election..for this green grassed country will begin to hot up from next week a battleship of promises will float over the horizon only for a tug boat to ship them away..tis but the same old story..why i am even thinking about such toff is bothering me and why i even turned on the wireless in my tiny red van today must be a blip or perhaps the warm sunshine melted my mind into a Jam Jar as voices spat...i will of coarse vote to many people in the past have given their time lives for this single act...i do also think Parliment has lost it's way down the centuries they seemed to have forgotten why they came about and for whom they should stand up for.... we the great unwashed are mere hat pins now, in some old retro shop selling 1970's levi Jeans.....and old Coco-Cola glasses given away free at petrol goeth...

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