bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Good Friday…April 3rd 2015.

Good Friday away from the work saddle a can of 7UP by my side Winnie the Poo looks at it, we say nothing and sigh to weary from the thunder rain drops falling from the sky for most of the day...we shrugh...Ho-Hum...Easter too early for sitting in the garden maybe next year..he launches a Poo stick into the river i watch it slip into the knotted water run with the coarse, i stand long enough to watch it pass around the bend..thinking perhaps i am becoming too old to even think about Easter in any form but chocolate..plastic mac's and that naughty word masturbation....
Tis but time for me to fight with the pillow let the Black Goblins do some skin head moon stomping through the crazy clutter of my mind...and perhaps Easter Saturday will foam into cabbage patch dolls on heat....
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