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Tuesday 14th March 2015.

The Political games of the general election are making mushrooms grow on my work saddle somewhere in all this motion is my sanity probably wrapped up in a pink bow and being eaten by free roaming Goblins..time is something i cannot quite grasp..slipping through my fingers at an alarming rate..not even being the captain of my own ship has any hold on the ticking clock...hiding high above the billowing sails i cannot believe it is Wednesday in the morning....and a week since i stopped by this way...
Such a thought does not make me sad...just a gulp..as this week is on a plain to champagne super nova...a motion i just have to accept shrug pull up my collar and hold for dear life onto my billowing sails and i shall be simply glad when the polling stations close on the big day....and all the promises are neatly ticked by fingers crossed behind backs with promises we all know will not be kept and tipped into a big black box to be counted as if this makes the mother of all parliments sane...i suspect Pandora...will be scribbled in dust on the underneath..as a get out clause and remembered by those covered in scribbled dust to pass jail, picking up two hundred pounds along the way...perhaps some politicians think life is just a monopoly game as if we at the bottom of the rat pack should simply shrug at our lot....perhaps chocolate is the answer...as Easter limps away for another year.....Time i think to hit the pillow and let all those goblins do the dance of a thousand clogs perhaps stamping on time for just a small while so i can catch up and twist off the cap of a thousand bubbles.... and thus do my own clog dance in a ra ra skirt in the brightest of pink..and to think i nearly bought one when they where high fashion....so goeth...



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