bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 30th April 2015.

I remember once being taught during my school days that one should never start a Sentance with the word....And....i have after all these years forgotten quite why..yet i can recall quite clearly the moment i heard the word Fuck..spoken on the school bus, so spiffy was i in those days that i thought that my generation had invented the was then, amongst the crowd i mingled with a word of awe..whispered in tight corners giggled at on the school bus....and not quite used as a word of rage, nor used every three seconds of the spoken word...the word of all horrors was masturbation to be caught at it was death by whispers with giggles behind the hands as you passed the pointing fingers....i was once sent to the headmaster whom asked me if i wanted to see a doctor.....I also can remember the the first time i saw my own sperm and how shocked i was that this stuff cum or whatever it is called to day in slang was in my hands.... i am today shocked that it is but the last day of April...yet by the end of the year perhaps i will have forgotten this day ever passed through my body bluring it's self deep into my soul, perhaps never having to be recalled unless i find a wood nymph in the dragon pit spinning curly some point today...I will today dwell on this month working out if it has been good in all the hours i have trawled through..the weather has been so up and down i cannot recall an April like it temps briefly touching 80F...yet rocking down to scraping ice of my tiny red vans windscreen thinking at each scrape WTF.....April rain showers have not been what they should be..but then again is life...ever....a couple of trips to Nottingham University to visit the small one, the journey over the moors brings that Heathcliffe mode, feeling all sorts of goblins climbing through the car window..laughing farting climbing on my shoulders and whispering rude things quite knowing i am on my best gives one time just to focus that indeed myself is simply one grain of sand on this planet as i passed amongst the moors and open fields..with music pregnantly flowing around the tiny car....
April has bought a small crush for a younger fellow is perhaps the sign of to dance around the May Pole and place it back where it belongs...under the stones of lifes rocky road....Love and peace to all whom pass this way...

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