bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Evening...Thursday 30th April 2015...

On my travels in my tiny red van through the swamp of urban red brickwork, boared up factories, giant bill board posters of vote for me on May 7th spread in bold letters...i will tell no lies or trick you with a bag full of empty promise...amongst all this i did not come across any wood nymph's or an idle May Pole.... gaily painted ready for May 1st....when the great unwashed slip into a frenzy and covort in bushes to make the next generation of tiny red van drivers....I did see one small boy racing towards a pillar box eager to post his letters....i did see a young girl sat on the pavement in full goth make-up staring as if giant pink elephants had walked past her a male, was kneeling beside her mobile phone in hand...i did see enough road rage to fill a battle ship and felt the rain fall in sharp blobs informing myself that April showers were still much alive...My eyes wide open drank in all this madness and was still able to put a smile on my face to think the world is certain quarters...Good Night and So Goeth...

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