bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday September 7th "006.

My leave has picked up pace the days remaining seem rushed so much to do;i have had a dare;gosh two lines a day seems nothing,a simple two lines,but i know my dreaded self once back at work i become lazy,or could i escape such this time for simply two lines really,really, does look inviting.
I know the dark seasons are approaching now my tranny side is becoming more forceful and pulling in front of the macho big John Wayne Image of the summer seasons,there was a time when such an urge became grated teeth until the urge burst right through my head and i was left trembling as i pulled on the stocking fronts,my legs are reasonable so stockings suite me it is just this chocolate belly..but what is life if full of care and living on dried bread and baked beans does seem now daunting at my age so i guess Katee is just going to be a pantomime dame.I am going to dress again today more dust bunnies are lurking,they may be out of sight though they have now reached a point where there is no room to hide and thus should be vanquished.
So with the help of Katee, today is the day,when she can have full reign,the weather is still holding so i think something simple,just to ease into the softness of the best parts of the dark months,the glitter, that makes one foot sink into the bitter east winds all the more bareable.After all she sulked somewhat in Singapore,her nasty whisper,made me laugh as well as be sad that i had not brought if only a small piece for her only excuse is the doubt that what if my luggage was foamed at would i get the retort of long ago when i had to fumble excuses because some one found my tiny heart flustered knickers which took so much pain and energy to obtain.And there again would i stand proud of the fact that i am such as i become more daring to show myself to shall see.!!!

I saw two tiny white see-through thongs in Singapore,which i clocked in my mind, to go back for but never quite made it,they might not have fitted but were they woozy or what,just to fondle and smell the softness would have simply been enough.I saw also in the Chinese Quarter some tiny stretched daring red knickers two pairs for ten dollars,but by that time my funds were low and besides how could i come home without some chocolate for my poppet,not even if Katee screamed all day, must i forget my poppet,i wonder if she will ever find out that her father was a transvestite and then what would she make out of it.I remember talking to my eldest daughter about her tattoo's which seamed to be mushrooming all over her skin,not that i had a problem with such, life is life and it is better than drugs or such..but i was shocked when she vaunted that the pain of recieveing the tattoo drew her in for more.I thought gosh have i passed that on the luv of pain and then could she be possibly bisexual as well,however my eldest son is very anti-gay i think coloured by my Ex-wife's husband whom i think could not find enough words fast enough to spit between his teeth over such.So maybe such cannot be passed through the generations.

However the brand new day is dawning and one must look towards the adventure of the day,however fanciful or bitter....

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