bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 3rd May 2015.

It is just past the time from words in the song Famous Blue Raincoat....rain dribbles down the window the tune it plays as it streams is so ingrained on my mind i simply shrug sigh and take a sip from my friendly can of IRN BRU....the bubbles play games in my mouth and so my trinity sunday begins..i had hoped on this Bank Holiday Sunday the the sun would come out to play a mad tune of tea shirt weather and perhaps a BBQ... with a spot or two of gardening and talking to the friendly goblins whom live amongst the madness in grass.....alas at this moment it is a typical Manchester Basin start to the the rain becomes heavy and frantic..i glance at the window and back at this screen perhaps think ho hum and reflect on better days...or simply sigh thinking bollocks...a word that can mean that someone is telling you rubbish or simply one is not interested in the out pouring of words in that is also a slang term for those things that hang between the male legs...causing a rush of excitement to those whom on a sunshine day would perhaps wrap them amongst the Famous Blue Raincoat however, today the boy in the bubble is more or less the way for myself it is going....
Some One has released a CD...The Ultimate Collection...of Paul this one up from the best of,or the greatest hits are us...but never mind..the tickle tackle of my fickle mind on this sunday is a fine album to play in my tiny red van become washed in so many memories that each track releases around the tin box i crunch gears in as i drive through this urban barnacled gulag i am part of..perhaps gulag is a word too far to draw a picture of the Manchester there are indeed some wonderful sights and sounds to be had when the rain stops......i cannot pick a favourite track there are to many thoughts jumbling up through my mind...Slowmo...a word in The Boy In The Bubble..caught my attention yesterday played games in my mind on just how far Society has probed pushed recorded our lives...invaded down to the depths of our finger nails perhaps...deepening the more i pressed the repeat buttom whist munching over the track spitting from the speakers...i passed two men yesterday holding some improvement from the times some of these tracks were is still a rich the circles i roam in to admit one is a transvestite..perhaps Paul Simon..should write some new  music...I am going to close with thoughts over the track Bridge Over Troubled my mind thank the boy who let me play the whole album in the school common room back in the early 70' album which has followed me perhaps for 45..years phew...when the world looked brighter than today and the transvestite in myself could wait...Love and Peace to All on this rain sodden goeth...

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