bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 10th May 2015.

There are many things i love about America...Elvis is still King....John Wayne is still searching and i hope they still wear flowers in their hair in San Fran....all tiny fragments that have bumbled down the years touched me and drifted into my lifes pocket...for safe keeping...Political gnashing of the teeth....the throwing of dummies from the pram..the bags of words pouring out as Elephant piss during election time in empty promise is not one of them...nor do i really care for what the wives look like or the amount of tooth paste they use..The British Elections have turned American they seem to go on forever..rather than the two to three weeks of old....opinion polls clatter down drain pipes as if rats on heat..the press bang away telliing how too vote..The class system in this country is entrenched as the working class can vote Tory is quite beyond me they have seemed to have forgotten the past...The Tories voted against the creation of the NHS....only 70 years ago....They hate it as much as some working class hate them...N. Bevin called them vermin in all that time they have not sixpence...
The Scots..i really understand...but for the mass of great unwashed south of the Hadrians Wall.....i am agast....The Daily Mail Newspaper..quoted that it was a Middle Class Victory and had the cheek to quote words from Churchills VE-Day speech as if the working class did not exist...
On Friday before climbing into my Tiny Red Van for the afternoon run standing on the loading bay...a friend simply said..the British are Thick..and thats all he said as we stood for a few moments in silence...probably thinking Fuck.....During my travels that afternoon i turned on the wireless and leant one ear to all the out pouring from all the parties plying for our votes..the wireless presenters went onto the streets asking for thoughts and comments from the public..A lady in a northen town...simply said The labour Leader was a Muppet...The Pop group The Jam sang in one song...many years ago The Public get what the public want....and so as i sit here quite sad at the general election result....and do not see any chance of Labour back in Power in the life time i have left to walk amongst the urban sprawl and Country lanes unless the Tories clap the great unwashed in chains and then if only they cannot reach the TV remote control.....And i hope that old crone in the northen town is still alive in five years time and who will be the muppet...Then... perhaps not i said she.....we shall indeed see..what is left of the welfare state and how many Zero Hour Contracts the working classs have to endure and can one afford to turn on ones lights to see the next general elelction results or are they best left off...So Goeth..

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