bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 16th May 2015.

Saturday....morning and the work saddle has yet to be climbed in..bits of sunlight blink through my window..the rush of rubber tyres has also yet to begin...which tells me the mass are on the road, some to nowhere, perhaps others every second counts as the rush of Saturday tin pot cars mounts to a fireball not quite XL5...but life is certainly a puppet....and on this day speed is everything...including myself....Yesterday another jumper in the town a lady leaping off a bridge...once everyone was in its becoming so common...i cannot quite i shrug to the reason...behind this giant leap to oblivion..perhaps i am too locked up in my own suit of armour keeping the goblins out..time i think to stand awhile with Winnie The Poo..and throw a few Poo sticks to watch them gently float down lifes stream.....sigh shrug and crumple lifes shilling in my the weekend for me begins....
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