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Tuesday 19th May.

Today has been one of those days..where the eating of electric light bulbs sounds good..so much rain has fallen heaven must be empty..there cannot possibly be one rain drop left..even Winnie-The-Poo...has put on a rain hat whilst standing on his bridge and surely thinks WTF....people whom call themselves gardeners will whisper we need rain....yet you can hear the flowers in bloom gasping so laden are they with droplets they drag their heads on the footpaths...all year to rise up from the clod for a few weeks of sunshine only to be battered to gulag heights no summer kimono, no rainbow dance, to end cut slipped into glass jars and stuck in parlour windows...where peroxide laidies sit to squirm amongst the soap bubbles pouring from the box in the corner...and might just glance at the beauty from the garden for a mere second...A young man this morning at one factory said...if you awoke from a coma after six months..you would think we are still in November...it made me laugh...enough to forget to glance at his bulge...I have thought today whilst jimping around in my tiny red van that i might leave the suit in the wardrobe next to the dress and simply be simple, so to stand blending into the curtains and still ask myself what am i doing there at all...this coming Sunday is a christening..a tradition that still holds the field even if the tiny one never steps foot in a church..the quaffing of much beer the forcing down of pork pie and bread sticks perhaps..however i shall smile most probably enjoy myself and think all those thoughts about a suit simply tosh..the dress is another matter...So Goeth...



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