bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 21st May 2015.

What no rain today has heaven closed shop taken the day off gone fishing or perhaps thinking not many days in the all seeing masturbation month and is musing on the subject....I passed a bill board today with a massive advert from a coffee company...perhaps the second best bill board i have seen this past year..being not a luver of them a blight on the urban sprawl i trawl through every day, the madness in me wants to tiptoe out in the wee hours of darkness and burn a few down along with those big yellow speed camera's..perhaps i am moving into the age of grumpy old men syndrome....i saw some trees being cut down today great sadness another itching rage i have...perhaps in a few years in this big barnacled Manchester Basin..schools will have pictures of trees just to show the kids what they once where..the Amercian sixties female singer who's name i cannot spell and word spell in this live journal blog has long since packed up...who sang about trees and carparks will sadly be right....Arrrhhhh yes where was i yes the advert...the coffee advert... Young mother in a thin wool jumper the colour of light coffee with small baby on shoulder i am sure asleep....with a massive quote..." You cannot e-mail a Hug " all this modern tecno world we now live in..and which i do not knock..kinda brought me up to think on all those whom have passed me and left an impression life long...were wrapped around each letter of the quote...also broke thoughts beginning to mushroom into not turning up this coming the christening...simply on such things as the weather front rolling in and being out of practice in bus hopping....So Goeth...

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