bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 24th May 2015.

The weather forecast i have just glanced at shows a picture of the sun for today, looking out the window rain dribbles...i have zipped up my suit in its cover and now comtemplate other garments for the big event today, whilst trying to find the place in my mind that last journeyed on public transport in a mindset that was acceptable to make the journey amongst fellow humans in a comfort zone that does not require the licking of windows to pull across the journey...there was a time when one could shrink into the seat stare out the window to be wrapped up in ones dreams  amongst this vast red bricked Manchester Basin...thinking how and when one could escape the often dreary landscape...however the wheel of change has thrust advanced gizmo's..into the world...and as one stares from the window one hears the youth of the day shouting down mobile phones on who fucked many beers one has consummed before brawling in the city streets and the poor one whom has thrown up all over her stockings.....this is not to my youth these adventures did not happen..alas there was no mobile phones to scream down....I am sure my day will be good or there abouts therefore time to prepare for thus adventure.....Love and peace to all whom glance this way today...So Goeth...

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