bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 26th May 2015.

Sunday's Christening is still ploughing through my mind...thoughts drift to the point where such invites will be nicely thumbed to the back of my mind hanged on a hook in a dark corner and quietly left alone...the mass rampage of tiny feet running around the pews..the lungs of those wrapped in swaddling clothes must of caused God to shudder up in the red brick church rafters, i suspect even God would not have dared venture be with the vibraint young saccharine turtles incase trampled under foot...and left floundering under some Pew....Parents smiling and laughing at this zoo...perhaps said...that indeed i am too old for such..perhaps todays children in some quarters are not unlike Designer Dogs...something to parade to all those with eyes wide open..for my self a slip into a Kimono in peace...would be more fitting...and the fact that the World Church..does not really need a line in a film comes to mind...." We are the new breed "...They are welcome to their own...So goeth...
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