bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 28th May 2015.

Night has fallen...rain dribbles down the window....This has not been May...Perhaps soul turns inwards sighs shrugs, throws, off the remaining few hours of Thursday's work corset in disgust....poo-ing at the sight of the garment weeping in the corner...What will weekend bring..will Trinity Sunday fold into oblivion, will i slip into some panties paint my face playing peek-a-boo with the mirror staring at some demented Panto Dame...but first to move through Saturday's event when once more i shall look and watch which way my suit flutters in it's cover towards the big cannot be any worse than the Christening from Hell during Sunday last, whose memory stains still linger...will God smile at us....or will he be sat next to Winnie-The-Poo waiting for a finger full of honey i suspect he will be waiting a long time...even my old freind King Canute no longer asks for such a lick...So Goeth...
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