bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 1st June 2015.

Spiffy rain drops battle down my window on the world, darkness has fallen..wind has ripped amongst the new green leaves springing across trees in tree frog leaps in this wild opiate red bricked City and for a good few hours, each leaf clinging for dear life breathing in mad passion no one is watching...mad mashing windscreen wipers clash as i roared down the motorway in my tiny red van at early evening, the Mail must get must be the first time i have reached such a speed, as a bell rang from the dashboard...bringing red flashing lights, whom told me i was breaking the speed limit....what next in the gizmo world will be built into cars perhaps a hand pops out from the dash to wipe parts we cannot reach whilst driving...We are Childen rings in my ears.....or is that treated as...George Orwell's 1984..papers over cracks..keys turned in one red box emptied, brought out Saturday nights takeaway meal wrappers..chips and gravy....crusted into the hand full of letters....i asked my self questions as too answer replied...onwards and least it was not dog poo....i sighed...
A bus passes my window..the hour is late, time for a few words with my old friend King Canute before i hit the pillow..i wave to Winnie the Poo...he does not wave back perhaps he too has had one of those Mondays... So Goeth...

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