bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 5th June 2015.

" On marching men on to the gates of death with song. " wrote...CH Sorley...tomorrow the year stretches, again, away from the D-Day time and history..many books have been written many films have flashed,many stories have echoed from the wireless on the years ending in five or zero....i once worked along side a D-Day vet....he never talked about the day except admitting he was there.....some people respected him others thought he was an old fart....each generation looks at that day in the comfort of their own thoughts...tomorrow there will be no big organised march for the first time that seems like centuries...the vets have dwindled so much they would now perhaps fit inside a rowing boot i doubt if it will hit the news either....The news will probably has not rained for two days...some celeb..has left her panties in the womens toilet...and what is to become of the four Polish truck drivers caught this morning trying to smuggle people into the country hidden inside their trucks...echoes of in or out of the European Union..will now begin to build to cascade us all into oblivion...i doubt very much if we will have the offer of a vote..perhaps politicans will be too frightened that a massive big NO...will be sounded across this land... and i shall not turn on the wireless was a big mistake for some reason in the warm sunshine i thought just maybe there would pour out some good news...i should have known better...But hey tis but weekend..yippie...So Goeth...
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