bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 11th June 2015.

The sun shone...a cat on a hot tin roof in hobnailed boots beat down from the blue sky...clothes were pulled off, tongues hung out,flesh in all colours, shapes, crimped with tattoo's wobbled across the windows wide open biff bash boff music boomed and busted depending which traffic lights i happened to be stopped last gave a sigh of relief as drinkers sat around outside tables soaking up the sunshine, foaming mirth was every where in tall made me smile giggle with thoughts of a good day...on my wireless tuned into a gold wireless station on came the track by the Moody Blues...Nights in White Satin....long time youth i kept my friends older sister company taking thier pet dog for a stroll..the dog i recall big and bold the night air she asked for a kiss...i nearly collapsed with fright thinking it was for myself....thankfully the night air hid my face as the kiss was for the dog.....sigh....some moments in life never leave...she also happened to be a big Moddy Blues goeth...
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