bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 15th July 2015.

Today is Saint Swithins Day....i suspect that as he looks down from his lofty heaven...he perhaps thinks as i..that Greece should slip quietly away from the European Union and get on with its life as best it can and whilst we watch the tear gas and petrol bombs on celuliod perhaps we should be loose once more from the grip of Germany and fold the whole union and cast it out into the North Sea to see if any swamp momsters feel like a dabble in the corrupt union it has become...It has become to big, to lofty, for its own good, to much a bully quite reminds me now of jack Boots marching during the 1930's...I also suspect the generation of English who voted to enter during the 1970's...had they known what a monster it would become the No vote..would have won...They voted to enter..the then named The Common Market simply for trade and the biggest con they ever voted much of the lands culture was swept away...miles, feet, inches,pounds penny's,shillings all vanished..the French did not even want us in the bloody Common the first place...But hey-ho..the Tory's know best...OOOOoooooo i do hope not a closet have a few fact better go and stand on the bridge now, throw a few Poo sticks and see how he is.....So Goeth...

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