bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 26th July 2015.

Sunday Morning greets me with a concrete far this Summer has been a soggy mess of raindrops..hunched shoulders..distant sky looks to see if indeed Summer will arrive in the Manchester Basin...i try indeed to not let myself drift into melancholy madness that i do see some good Summers drift across the land yet i cannot recall when the super sized Summer last came to this corner of the planet and indeed what year it was...
This is the first Sunday of the Summer that i have managed to sit before this machine stare at the big white blank screen watch the ticking clock to glance across at winnie-the poo to see if he is fit to play after a night on the honey pot...I passed a charirty shop some weeks past and there on top of the stuffed toys box sat..Winnie-The-Poo forlorn alone cast out by someone..perhaps they had out grown him, perhaps it was from an house empty from someone whom had passed the time thoughts had crossed my mind to pluck him to tiny red van was around the next bend and i hoped he found a good home as the next bend came into view...i also saw an old upright another charity shop..each time i passed on foot i stared in and thought perhaps..the cost £149 put sensible pauses in my pocket....where could i put it..would the rest of the household even put up with it..would i ever sit at it knowing that my fingers can play no tunes was i simply thinking about the one that stood in my old granmothers house and was simply looking for golden moments to cling to in these troubled times of fluxed urban wars and political dogma that seem to be around each corner i turn..The smashed bus shelters with crunched glass streamed across the pavement..i watched a young female youth come from a paper shop rip open her smokes and throw the rubbish on the floor then walk into the beauty palour where she works to work on some nails hair or whatever makes some women feel good and i thought beauty...aaarrrhhh....
I have neglected slut inside me only due the massive work saddle i am rocking on perhaps if i treat her all will be well as can be...Also i went to see JImmy concert on a small stage in i thought if i can still bounce around the stage at his ripe age with agusto then life will be fine he sang for two hours all those old reggee summer songs did bring some summer glow into the Manchester Basin thankfully and perhaps i might manage to sit awhile a bit better than the last few weeks and scribble so goeth...

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