bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 11th August 2015.

As i sit here now freshly showered from the days events..glance at the darkness beyond my window on the world, slip an eye over the clock not wanting to admit Summer is drifting out of my hands, i focus on this white screen and perhaps think on the days events as a paper plane the sort i used to make in the school class room, float through the air in the mad rush for the school gates at the sound of the bell, without looking back to see where it ever landed not a care in the world....So many teachers used to parrot fashion say your school days are perhaps one of the best periods of your life back then the innocent tongue would be poked out and a laugh that would wake sleeping catterpillars rocked the ceiling lights as i thought impossible in the race to be an adult with the dream of freedom for inoccent i was back then during the 60's 70's....if i could wave a wand i would like to bring all my old teachers to a Pub for some beers and tell tall stories....and i might just admit they could possibly be right...i think tomorrow i might just make a paper i quite cannot find my wand....perhaps for myself the most thought provoking song was written in America during 1965...nothing was learned then and nothing now in many celebrations of events carry this year forward but that one has been pushed under the carpet for old farts as i, to perhaps raise a glass to as the day fades into history books where catterpillars can hide...So Goeth...

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