bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 24th August 2015.

Wow...i whisper to myself, have i crept away from the big white screen of LJ....for that long..has each day been a Mega-F-Buster...or simply the work saddle been to hard to fall away from...Has suddenly Summer burst into foaming mirth clattered amongst the urban street mix in a Tiswas of bright lights and Martians landing in the car park...or has simply life taken over me for a few weeks...whilst i contemplate the first time Eve Of Destruction..charted in the pop charts during the summer of 1965...i was a mere 10 years old...probably quite oblivious to the song during that time...oblivious to any music pouring out of a Wireless i would think...only mattering about how The Lone Ranger and Tonto was doing in the far corner of the living room peering from a small black box carrying fuzzy black and white streaks...always weary of the often quoted words about American rubbish gnashing its teeth across the small Black Box....from grown-ups at the back of the room, the most fright full people unless Gran carried a bar of chocolate in her pinny pocket...then the word grown-up was forgiven as the chocolate melted as Gran smiled...So Goeth..
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