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Thursday 10th September 2015. a song by the Beatles, there are not many days when one of thier tunes does not waft between my ears..sometimes only a snippet of words catches the wind as i pass, any number of wireless's...playing from any number cars trains and automobiles sometimes i reflect on what memories flood across my mind..sometimes i am to rushed in the work saddle to pay any heed...and miss the reason why such a tune was picked on that time slot...and why fate brought it to my attention....
Yesterday...i was stood on the platform of the Towns railway station too wave good bye for someone whom was drawn to London for a few days thankfully for the rattle of the Platforms news stand opening caught my ears i looked, it was festooned by images of Queen Elizabeth and the happyness as Yesterday she became the longest monach to sit on the throne of England...people said many things a fish bowl of likes images and old vintage TV...poured out of screens newspapers for once blocking the tide of misery the media cook up for those whom sit before the box in the corner of the dark room where it sits spits and perhaps tells us how to live...or perhaps how they wish us to live whilst they cook their own books in the re-write of  history as we know it....
Yesterday as i stood looking down the rail tracks waiting for the in bound train i stole my mind away from the Queens news and reflected on the actual date of the ninth of September..some years i miss the date..some years it bites my mind into reflective what if's, maybe's, heavy sighs..and perhaps some years i simply forget until the day has passed...then zero is worth a mention and nothing the feeling...
Yesterday however..i reflected whilst i stood on the platform staring amongst the steel girders the dying flowers amongst the train tracks stared amongst the passengers either on the mobile phones or in side them and wondered about forty-one years ago......when at the age of 18 i became married in Ashton under Lyne September 9th 1974 we were both 18..we both came from broken homes as the saying was back then..we did have big hopes..we did smile laugh alot England then had still touches of the 60' could not have it all...but at 18 you could buy a house buy or use a car without emptying ones i stood on that platform i was glad i reflected on the good days rather than the dark clouds and thunderstorms which drifted 1990..not quite as long as the Queen...and one improvement from those years the London bound train arrived on Goeth..

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