bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 11th September 2015.

The big white screen i sit before looks at me and whispers is it really Friday already... i nod in befuddledment not really wanting to nod at all i could quite easily throw the saddle in a lake hoping the lady within reaches out and takes it down amongst the Rhubarb dreams of Ancient rot slowly until the three fates pass it on to oblivion for all time....
Yesterday was spent pottering around the small garden in luke warm sunshine it's as if i have been away for simply ages all sorts of things came out to greet me..where have you been they whispered as i glanced at a few houses down the line where each blade of grass is the correct measurement...i know the feeling..this white screen whispers such each time i fail to grab a few moments of the day to sit and ponder life...
In the evening i watched the war film...Fury...whilst i quite enjoy the biff bash friend the now old dame of a transvestite living in side me sits in a corner and wonders too.... in her own thoughts how she ended up in this body and why has the silly sissy put on such a film should i be thankfull a small boys peeps out from some spiders web amongst the Rhubarb patch....or should i simply pull on my kimono and stamp my feet in everybody inside me sighs once more...pulling and pushing to see the sunlight over the hill
Time is 8am, the rush of rubbber tyres begins to build, outside my window, sunshine tickles the curtains a curled finger lures me into the new day what will it indeed bring frogs legs, hairy catterpillars, or orders to have a haircut this that and a catapult full of the days marbles..time is as they say...So Goeth...

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