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Saturday 12th September 2015.

My first week away from the work saddle is ebbing away...darkness has already fallen..the rush of rubber tyres beyond my window is almost a hollow laugh....i am quite sober..a rare treat for a Saturday night....the only bubbles in my head are from a can of IRN-BRU...keeping me company...as i stare both at this blank screen whilst watching words trip down my fingers as they touch note through the keys....
I usually scribble with only natural sounds echoing around this room, sometimes Green Goblins whisper from behind the collage i have built up around these walls over the years i have sat in this room, they try to warn me of the Black Goblins already sniggering stomping thier hob nailed boots with pink laces eager for the dark hours when the demons come bearing gifts of abstract dreams, Gulags in Kimono's..Ungagged Porcelain Emperor's...they have all passed through the crazy street mix of my mind...sometimes i blame myself for giving them pink laces from the fem sharing my body and she laughs the loudest....Knowing Black Goblins wear pink laces...
This tapestry keeps me sane from the outside world, memories in shunted trains line up and biff my mind into straying from what first popped into my head as i wrote my first word of the day...
Tonight however i have tuned on the shuffle in my I-Tunes collection..it fights with the popping bubbles from the IRN-BRU.....distracting the words flipping across the keys..i was going to mention it is ten years to the day that England won the Ashes a series which has been hailed as one of the best in living memory and yet i have to admit i only knew this from a young cricket fan today, that in fact today was the day...I think it is time i drew the curtain on today before the music carries me away to some desert Island..when i fact i need very much a retrorocket...So Goeth.



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