bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 19th September 2015.

Time...almost six-thirty in the morning..a rare treat to be away from the working saddle...last nights sleep did not come does not help standing in a underground bar in Manchester mainly full of youth..watching rock bands trying to make their way in life....the first group were not far out of nappies..i admired their courage to stand out in front of even a small crowd whom were more interested in ringing themselves in small groups shouting at each other above the crashing music bouncing around the was that loud i could feel the music crawling over my skin beneath my trousers....i suspect most of the crowd were freinds, family, with a bucket full of i stood there with half a mind on the music thinking yes, no, would i stand and take stock again...half a mind on what the young old fems were wearing, again thinking yes, i too old for such wear....and how some fashions do not change from forty years back big baggy jumpers laced up Doc's pushed up pointed out busts small purses with rambling coins the small tight mini-skirts in tartens colours were all there...i felt alone..simply alone, not sad, or unhappy just alone fifty years worth stood there last night floating through the music, thankfully not thinking either i standing there for..which can easily reach inside my soul some times this is but mere seconds others the whole night...last night seemed if i was watching my life played out through the mass of ages stood in the room going up into cloud decades and admitting to myself and thankful that alone is sometimes  is a choosen stance i bring on myself.. these thoughts were broken....instantly at eleven-pm...lights roared up..ushered out into the Manchester night air now turning to cold crisps..i glanced behind..mass empty plastic cups, spilt beer on the floor,the last band which were most good on stage packing away it was good to see somethings have not changed and hope is very much alive..for youth...So Goeth..

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