bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 14th October 2015.

Bubbles in the kitchen after a day in the saddle...brought.. on my I-Pod...Spirit in the Sky...N.Greenbaum..which floats myself back to the summers of my youth when all i could think about was the girl next door lemonade and hoping the blue packet of salt was inside the bag of Smiths crisps....Between The Wars...Billy Bragg reminds me of Thatcher and the time i was stood on a scaffolding talking to a Joiner..whom forcast if Thatcher won the general election we would be redundant at Christmas..he was right....Swords Of a Thousand Men..Tenpole Tudor...can bring quite a few visions up...but i will stick to the the sounds that punk rock still sounds fresh and for myself still alive today...dispite the way this Country is baffled by those whom own us...and all the Elephant Piss they pour over our name...So Goeth...
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