bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 25th October 2015.

The sand of time is running through my Fingers it is unstoppable it is life on a shoestring, a gallop through the medows, a stand and stare as the world passes by thinking have i still got my sanity am i punch drunk after five decades or simply perhaps the last scoop at the bottom of a peanut butter jar...Perhaps only Winnie-the-Poo knows if he can spare one moment from the honey pot....Perhaps not to day...Perhaps not ever....
i awake this Sunday morning glad the working saddle lies in the corner gently snoring, one eye opens we stare at each other and both know that there are not many years at this pace left in us....Working management has stripped Oliver's plate from his hands and it is but them whom ask can i have some more please.......
I tot up the days until i march out of my fifth decade with my hand bag of memories....some heavy sighs puffing and panting one or two regrets safely tucked away in the darkest corner of my mind for what can do about regrets except sink into the black hole of butter beans and count. Best to leave them amongst the giant cobwebs and simply march forward into the sunlight...thinking bollocks...I am whom i Am..
Last night i went and stood in the crowd the habit of standing staring at people has not worn off the lady with big breasts  drinking lemonade must have been driving the large man with a large beer belly must sleep in the bed alone vanity told me that i was not that big myself...and wondered when was the last time he saw himself..the crowd steadily grew pushed shoved in a light hearted manor..i thought next time perhaps we would all be on walking sticks with tickets and bus passes pressed in one young companion with his gizmo phone said...Cars reached number one in 1979..a mere few years out of my teens...I have never been one to quaff pints of foaming mirth at these gatherings perhaps queueing in the bogs would make me think of other things or perhaps simply to lazy to move from my stand and stare the better notion....
Gary Numan walked on the stage at the Manchester Acadamy at 9.15pm and walked off at 11.00pm during that time..i thought Wow gosh and clapped alone with the baying crowd surprised shocked glad i paid my money and perhaps i should go out more and shuffle past all the empty plastic beer pots on the way out...pinch a poster like a naughty school boy and be thankful my young stand in companion also rated it and thanking myself for buying his music..his stage performance..was can i drag a word from the sixties and say FAB....So Goeth...
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