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Wednesday 4th November 2015.

November starts with sunshine...in the Manchester Basin...such a wild hicup..in rising temps has happened before quite which year i cannot recall however it was perhaps before the band wagon mule train of the earth is melting syndrome which bangs a loud drum casting an iron rod to slash across my back each time i am backed into a corner and cannot escape the rat-tat of the media plugging my ears, eyes, with doom and gloom which sells more time in the horror of public veiwing than Mrs Jones having a brand new spanking baby....full of hope and fluffy pink wollen socks....
Tomorrow....is Bonfire night once a time when left footers were punished for daring to blow up the Houses of Parliment...when i arrive at the gates of hell..i am going to look for Guy Fawkes..and shake his hand, sigh, that he did not quite light the blue touch paper and destroy the Mother of all Parliments...to save us from such Goblins...whom had free education alone lifes rocky road...yet now expect our youth to pile on the mother of all debts in their honour...as well as the new work ethic work till you die....
However the worst of all..is that this week i have not seen one a group of urchins collecting bonfire wood or even one bonfire built on spare land..yet one more nail in the coffin of old England..perhaps i should invent a spray can that melts play stations then the world will be invaded by tiny urchins..then again perhaps not...just let the health and saftey witches have their day whilst i simply wax about my youth and be placed in a corner to jibber to myself about eeeeee....when i was a lad...So Goeth...


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Nov. 5th, 2015 06:38 pm (UTC)
Once we have got things sorted here, I am going to keep the faith and burn a guy with the grandchildren every year. I don't think the plotters' success would have made much difference. We didn't have much luck with Catholic monarchs.
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