bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 5th December 2015.

I now have my Christmas Zombie suit firmly zipped up to my chin..with no escape until mid afternoon Christmas Eve....Cabbages are firmly rooted in my head and the mushrooms growing have turned on the lights....This is my 35th Christmas Pressure riding my tiny red van and thankfully we still call it Christmas Pressure....and thankfully the internet..e-bay has saved a host of working practice once doomed squashed by rise of social media as we were predicted to be extinct festering in the odd public telephone box you now fine dotted along the road side in a heap of blown leaves window licking as old fossils....Cilla Black still sings...anyone whom had a heart and indeed Sandi Shaw..did sing more than one song.....Old ladies still ask will my cards arrive next day at this time of year bless-um for having faith in the Postal system.
All this means i will not be sitting for much of this month before this machine hearing old ghosts play behind the wall paper as i will almost be living in my tiny red van much will be told to me that Christmas is.....and Christmas is not.....i suspect if one totted up the amount of people relying on those two words for their wages through out the year one could be quite is for myself far to late to return back to the clod and farrow...Horse drawn ploughs are over....Old Age tells you more than the red spiders crawling up yer legs whilst Ralph McTell tells it better singing...The Streets Of London....So Goeth....

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