bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 13th December 2015.

Original and say the words on the can of IRN-BRU....such words mingle...with tunes spreading across the room via shuffled songs deep within this machine...the famous perhaps English tune usually played before every F.A.Cup Final...Abide With Me...softens the end of the weekend...for some reason the anthem always brings thoughts of my far off youth....amongst the cabbage kings and butterfly wings....Today a word which i never heard my father speak until i was 18....and first heard it spoken on the school bus when i was 14...and had that thought that my generation had invented a new word so young and innocent i was back then during those what seamed endless summers....almost making the ticking clock grind to halt.....
Today as i was paying for my fizzy-pop...cans a young taller than a plant pot no older than a fig leaf entered with perhaps mum dad or simply grandparents, as the elders plodded down the isle lifting the lids on chest freezers he stood on a pallet leaned across a freezer chest in the stance of one of those 70's American police TV..shows...arms out stretched hands the shape of guns pointing at his family...and out of youth came the words.....
Bang Bang....FUCKERS.....Perhaps those few seconds will live in me for ever more...i have never laughed so loud in a shop for a very long time perhaps the word Fuck...means nothing today...perhaps it is written on the side of cornflake packets these days simply with instructions...Open me up fuckers....and eat me....So Goeth....

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