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Monday 28th December 2015.

Tis but the fourth day of Christmas..if tradition still holds sway...if the song about my true love is still sung by folkmen then perhaps....i myself have surfaced once more from the kitchen of pots pans roast parsnips..eaten far too much chocolate sipped more bubbles than can fit in a bucket pulled on the work saddle i do not know with relief or disdain and travelled through the crazy streets of the Manchester Basin shock horror it has not dripped one rain drop today perhaps there is a God after all...Seen far to many crunched cars abandoned along the road side heard the music of the blue flashing lights roaring to help or hinder more than i would have liked for today....
Even the sun popped its head out..alas soon stuck its fingers up and whispered sod you Jack...i have managed to stand for a few moments on the bridge over the river of life..Winnie-The-Poo is in fine form hand stuck in his honey jar...but from his whispers he too hopes 2016 is good for all whom count time on their fingers...
I have myself felt good this Xmas the rest important..the door closed on the world of media Bla's...has softened some dark corners of the mind...have begun to think of new year..the days of going on the town then looking for a taxi in the wee dark hours has long gone...i have my orders to cook the last meal of 2015 of coarse with bubbles...the old adage of putting some in the cooking does not hold a fig leaf to myself and with that time to say So Goeth....


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Dec. 29th, 2015 08:12 am (UTC)
There's been far too much rain lately! I hope things calm down soon, although I believe more rain is predicted tomorrow.
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