bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 8th January 2015.

The first week of this new years working saddle is nearly over....the common feeling..of perhaps more like a month is not exceptional from the glitter words trawled out from mouths as i rode my tiny red van through mud and cobbles passing through peoples lives with quick snaps of happy new year and how was your festive one asked if i had seen Star Wars..most were fed up of the northern rain slugging around their ears thankfully to...most company's are busy as trolls with the new years work load...and aghast that those cheeky Welsh flowers were already in flower their bobbing bright yellow heads waving in the wind not quite amass in the words of Wordsworth however they are up and running so early they have even beaten Snow Drops into flower...and that is most this neck of the woods...So Goeth...

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