bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 11th January 2016

The news Broke in our office just past 7am...from the wrist of a fellow worker whom proudly owned one of those all singing all dancing watches that don't tell you the time but everything first reaction was....Fook-Off....Alas trusty old a few seconds brought out a life time in records blew cobwebs off turntables and has for most of the day told stories of the sadly departed Ziggy Stardust and well as filling the airwaves with...Heroes for one day....i quite loved his cover of the sixties classic " Sorrow " i am sure released by the Merseybeats however i could be wrong...The Laughing Gnome..has also been aired and i admit i bought that single later swapping it for the punk record Jilted John....another long story best perhaps left for another day...i also bought two other singles with the sparce coppers in my pockets...for some reason they captured my early days as the word transvestite took a big wide swing across the fork in the road i had decided to turn onto in that wood full of Cats Eyes...Goblins...and Scary Monsters....David Bowie will be sadly missed...and thank god for recorded music......For those whom pass this way and are Bowie fans hugs for tonight...So Goeth...
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