bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 19th January 2016.

A concrete grey sky caved much of the day an odd sputnic of sunshine belted out across the Manchester Basin lasting no longer than an old 45rpm single on the turntable of life with each passing glimpse....outrage on the shop floor dribbled from mouths at the agast of spending twenty million pounds to teach people who really do not want to be here except for the money to learn English, this growing discontent will win votes for out of Europe should they trust us to hold a ballot paper....I saw my first Dandilion in flower amongst the hedgerows its lonesomeness made it all the more marked in winters mood...The frozen ponds i pass are only fit for bare naked ladies to whince at and so far no crazy sheep have danced upon the thin ice....Bowie is still with us as his music drifts under the door tripping my mind back to when no coins were in my pocket yet i was a few hours Wednesday the hump of the week will softly tread through...the Motorway tonight was not for the peaceful as four fire engines tried to cut out a driver of a wreck on the fast lane here is hoping for the highest.....Sometimes life is...So Goeth...
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