bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 24th January 2016.

I came across these words today they made me smile inwardly..i glanced at the ticking clock and thought perhaps too each hand had witnessed them in some form...." Happy Sunday or as i like to call it...lazy braless bitch in pajamas day "..quite apt as i lingered in front of a window watching the day grow bolder even under a concrete sky....My fem side poked fun at myself whilst Winnie-The- Poo....thought bollocks and dipped his paw further into the honey pot...
I am not Twenty years old, do i thank God or simply in a Sunday woozy melancholy madness wrap a kimono and be thankfull...pulling on my male clothes this early evening i attended a small birthday party celebrating twenty years walking the planet thankfully too this twenty years person does not rock my boat or make me want to go screaming nude down the highway, in a small quite moment i also thought back twenty years and my own twenty years neither one could i recall..i simply just drank the beer nodded and be peaceful i did not have to wear a shirt and tie...
Tracy Chapman's...Fast car....crept from behind the wall paper and spotted the event past the switch of the television on/off button her voice curled around my mind pudding sunk it into blasts of winter when televisions lived at the bottom of the garden bathed in whom flung whom to under the wood crawl out as lips from the empty circus and the amateurAnd so i say so Goeth....

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