bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 26th January 2016.

Passing a poster on my way home tonight as the wind swept and the rain dribbled caught, in the headlights of passing traffic, oblivious to me and perhaps the poster.....Grab life by the handle bars.....made me chuckle..sigh in the same moment, a snap thought further along my journey came... gosh almost forgot today is Austraila Day when surf boards go mad and tinnies of beer quaffed in gay abandon burst under the sunshine......Fond memories of down under made me sigh even harder..however hey ho...tomorrow being the hump of the week with added flesh of being down the rabbit hole day in honour of Lewis Carrol Day....a day to do something rip roaring mad amongst the tangle weeds of the Manchester Basin....must avoid the media hype on anything crashing out from the wireless in the form of news which might make me smile for most of the day and perhaps talk to my new friend...Fungus the bogeyman...another poster which cracks the whip across my eyes...a bogeyman when i was a lad was something that lived in yer in the school playground can mean anything...simply Fungus has got under my skin after seeing so many posters about him on almost every street corner i turned down this past two months, i find myself using his name to strange car drivers where the word Wanker is involved on their antics regarding which way the steering wheel is turned...So Goeth....
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