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2nd February 2016.

At the moment Febuary does not have that frightening feel of Febuary's past i know it is only day two...Yesterday i worked minus one layer of winter clothing minus one woolly hat the sun for its quick appearance looked good....yellow daffs are floating from ceilings dripping from lamposts...Snow Drops usually the first spring flower to push through the leaf mould are way behind all those cheeeky plants whom have rushed upwards into the sunlight and perhaps thought Jesus its not our time...perhaps this year we have escaped the snow drifts perhaps they will come at Easter for whom the bell tolls only upstairs in heaven knows....i will simply keep my winter layers still to hand until May...when at last one can clast a clout...
I am now into my third month of my big 60 year and so far its been work and ugg with a few chardonnay bubbles thrown in the weeks seam to be trawling along at break-neck speed no sooner do i think saturday than the weekend vanishes in trashed seconds...this does not make me sad just simply gasp...how time travels now compared to those lazy youth days when time seamed to crawl snails pace across they years....the one big plus i can see the floor of this room shrine to time warps which is a start for this year i aim to complete perhaps i might dance...So Goeth...


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Feb. 2nd, 2016 01:51 pm (UTC)
I don't know about up your way, but we haven't really had a winter at all down here; I could probably count the number of frosts we've had on one hand. I do remember one year, a few years back, that we had a dusting of snow on Easter Sunday. The seasons seem to blurring big time nowadays.
Feb. 7th, 2016 03:44 am (UTC)
It is starting to get a tad warmer here also, or I am getting used to it. Sometimes I forget to wear my hat now. And I don't always but on extra layers when I go out with the dogs.

I turned the big 60 in April so it is very sad that come this April I will be 61, gawd what is happening?!

So nice to be friends with you here :-)
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