bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 14th February 2016.

If....your going to San Francisco...wear some flowers in your hair....Perhaps one day..i might find myself on this particular romantic day stood on some Francisco side walk..singing such words and then again i might be seen running naked cracking all pavements in sight and the war of the worlds will perhaps gobble the name of only Englishmen and mad dogs go out in the noon day sun...what do you think Winnie.......
Winnie opened one eye dug his paw deeper into the honey jar sighed heavily...i prefer he said, gently....Cilla Black..singing Anyone who had a Heart....and no nakedness especially at your age....
Therefore today..i will be in the Manchester a kitchen cooking for the spiders from Mars and some friendly Humans..Chinese, well my version, will be on the menu...Bubbles will flow and my I-Pod..will bounce from the walls..which is perhaps why i scribble at this early hour before the rush of rubber tyres outside my window gathers in storm force to pluck all the red roses i passed in the supermarkets yesterday and the heavy red panties full of hearts of which i must admit i thought Oooooo...perhaps...and then bought a pair of socks instead...ha....therefore on this weeee...scribble..time to climb into the day..the kitchen calls and the socks need wrapping..a card scribbled as from 1963...Gerry and the Pacemakers sing Never walk alone....So goeth....

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