bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 21st February 2016.

Well...Winnie..did we win the weekend..???...or has once more time out played us on every curve of the ticking clock...are you sober..???...yes...most unusual..for a Sunday eve..Yes i know am not sure i like it, how can you play Ralph McTell's song Streets of London sober.....Did you buy some panties on Saturday yes...well consider this weekend a thumbs up even if one hundred and one jobs inside your head did not quite win the race to the top of the hour....And..your letting time slip for sitting here amongst the scribbles...Remember your old Maths Teacher Mr Badham...his famous quote..the story of your life i don't know..Well Winnie i consider your telling me off...Perhaps..See you on the bridge don't miss it...No...Good Night....Yes luv and peace to you too....So Goeth...
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