bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 9th March 2007.

My mind is all most beaten to a pulp,in the strangest ways how now i would luv to lie prostrate and touch real cloth, after just now coming down from my greatest test so far,it was an incredible scribble,a feeling as if i was actually there watching this wonder pumping away,how i would have luved to watch the joy beam light years ahead indeed a candle of hope the world needs more of this, so much luv flowing,so much wants.

You can understand the great passions of the ages,why battles were fought over the right to have flesh, to feel the supple wants coarse through rich breasts.This morning i have dribbled so much the chair is soaking the urge to masturbate so strong i am glad i have to go to work to quell the fire burning within.Such words were written,words i desire and they have been spoken twice,this has taken great courage to step out side the fairy lights and look down into the dungeon filled with dark thoughts.I only hope i can now pass the tests be strong and sail into my servitude with out blue funks coming up on the horizon..i nearly suffered one this morning some how i cannot bring up my home page up and had to come from the back door in outlook express to serve my mistress in her journal,thankfully i could slip in through her comments sent to my in box and therefore up into the light,how sad i would have been if i could not have read her words this morning her instructions are now firmly embedded in my daily life each day i look for further guidance to bring sanity in my furthered brow as i battle through this mad world. Now i have found this way to get through i can rest a while for until next thursday i have been banned as punishment to stay away from anything that might titillate my small brain cells except the demands of my mistress.

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