bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 15th March 2016.

Once more i sit here on a Tuesday...does it seem a week me the silent nod,the head down a  slow frown look which can only mean...he has been playing the Sex Pistols on the bridge and is perhaps meaning Lazy only defence is i have fallen deep into the time bucket..floundering in the bottom with the ticking clock banging around my head yet such darkness saw no hands moving around the clock face, i should have thought it would make me scrurry up and out into the wide blue yonder super fast...However it has been more of a banging drum in notes of 60's classic records, just sitting there opening a few bubbles singing silently away all this kindly left by some passing stranger whom had fallen into this time bucket....perhaps more content to stay longer than i myself, i felt in the darkness a box of scrabble perhaps he too was trying to find himself along lifes journey...i have left myself, a copy of the Road Less Travelled..and one or two bottles of fine Aussie white wine, for whom next falls within this vast time bucket where the warmth suck out the will to climb back into Winter...its free and quite easy to slip and wallow in....
On a better note the friendly Postman has just dropped off some much needed wrinkled stockings..therefore time to go and have a peek..i nod to Winnie...yes i know best be here before next Tuesday.....So Goeth....

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