bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 18th March 2016.

Have i beaten the Tuesday head bandit..and thus sit here..or will wet fish rise up...suck me down to the depths where only crabs crawl and politicians piss large amounts of Elephant piss into the long nights,thus deflecting the truth they perhaps know, but instead wish to stutter melancholy yellow rain phobia, because they cannot hack the utopia some of us perhaps rainy day dream of...The media sharks hanging on to each word, bang drums in three minute news episodes, plugged to broadcast over the airwaves, caught between adverts no one really wants to hear on a Friday night homeward bound, as the windscreen covorts with rain drops and bubbles stored in the fridge drift across the mind....Tis but weekend and perhaps the DJ might play a record from a time if he can find the right switch when colours were clear, as hippies played with flowers in their hair... but they the politicians mindful of the voters cross in the ballot box erupt in unison and from large flamboyant underpants, fart the coming years two mad puppets might well be head of America and Great Britian and thus hold the keys to weapons of mass destruction.....Perhaps the world can rest easy tonight..Mad Max is not in his biplane and Winnie the Poo still holds the honey jar where such keys are stored....So Goeth...

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