bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 20th March 2016.

Today is Palm Sunday....i have time to grab a few sober moments,time to rest from playing Big Yellow Johnny Taximan..from a quick trip over land, over night, to pick up some dirty washing...University books...and one tiny one...home for the Easter break..there were no Palms along the road side, nor did Jesus walk on water as i passed various rivers and streams, thankfully too not stuck behind one of those big wagons which prowl through the night belching fire steam around each bend..sometimes it is good to hit the tarmac through the hills dales of this rich in green and super bogged land, makes myself just come to terms, how small i really am, a swinging ant in a circus full to the brim of humans hell bent on their own journey...sloths on every coat hook, bent pennies for those times when the old bones want to excell minus a watering can....cascade from dark street due to government cuts are no longer switched on...and straight penny's lie discarded on every pavement posted in most pillar boxes as something either quite worthless or not fitting in tight pockets fashion rolls around as always.....
The sun shines on the rampant Manchesterr basin..not quite screaming t-shirt weather except for the young whom have to strut the stuff found in a six pack, to attract the long legged dance the courting salsa.... thankfully those days are over, not that i had a six pack to start with and perhaps not much in the way of salsa in the 1970's..pints of good old english warm beer in youth sorted that carrot out...instead.
A nod and a wink from Winnie the Poo..means another taxi run today...Dear all whom pass this way take care, enjoy the coming week spit in the eye of the tiger may it bless you and fill you all with rhubarb...x

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