bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 23rd March 2016.

Darkness has fallen....the flapping hours of the day have felt more like beginning to limp over the hill, the word Christian stands on the tree line...the mass of bright yelllow Easter Cards found in red pillar boxes has been the biggest i have seen for some years clumps of them lay amongst the return to sender's, the half forgotten utility bill and the bog standard birthday cards to little Jimmy...addressed to far flung corners of this pandora boxed country...i have been quite heartened by such finds maybe some people are trying to send a small cheer during this crisp cold early Easter...perhaps they are tired of certain words once known for far off erotic places on the planet far removed than the cobbled streets..factory gates they live under, the scope of where in dreams they perhaps wanted to walk bare foot feel the sand between the toes to sit on a bench in the warm sunlight and perhaps talk to Jesus should he walk by..instead those once uttered words now squirm in blood dripping from walls as the propaganda drips in rushes of Elephant piss as each loud bang each echo's more media chatter than ever before and the men in black chant more louder with more hate to come...You cannot at this time escape such words they lay in tea bags. fold away in cornflake boxes...stuck in plastic wrappers in a hank of the bed rock in all this confusion...still standing on the bridge over the river of life still hand stuck in the honey jar he nods lets all wash over and wishes everyone a happy Easter..Perhaps if the men in black had a copy of Winnie-The-Poo..stuffed down their trousers then perhaps life might take on a different meaning...Take care all...x

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