bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Good Friday March 25th 2016.

Easter limps over the hill panting chased by dragons touched by gargoyles and in a far to early time of the year to be botherd with such a festive is certainly not going to be T-shirt weather and so far all is quiet the rubber traffic out side this rooms window travels in Sunday mode no heavy wagons no buses trundling by...i sit with a can of IRN-BRU...playing across the keys thinking on past Easter' various parts of the world hot and sticky...Singapore..and the Phillipines were certainly mass T-shirt weather..with the Phils..grinding to a halt as the whole country partied....there have been one or two in Blighty..simply because Easter fell so late....i do remember one in Wales....but is it scary that of all the sixty Easters i have passed through only one or two kick in and climb the stairs to my imagination to fold and fondle....perhaps i am simply glad i have no work saddle to climb today a few hours from the biggest dragon of all is perhaps the Easter Blessing.
Yesterday a Bumble Bee..droned past me whispering Summer is coming i am not sure if i believed him, however it was an inspiring sight as he passed from view...sometimes something as simple can lift ones soul, to be stored for the rather less drab pictures, times, of the daily grind in a mass Kimono urban sprawl i spend most of my time slurping around and through....i passed a charity shop also yesterday someone had abandoned a large Winnie-The-Poo...he sat there in silence in a polly-bag on top of a car sad he looked....and on a sour note..some young raggermuffin lad launched a Mcdonalds strawberry milk shake across my tiny red van and scarparded down the town street...perhaps his parents had not been brought up on " waste not want not " as we old farts once were..a milk shake back then was as rare as dobby horse droppings as a treat...or simply he did not like the taste....So Goeth...

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