bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 13th April 2016.

April floats easier across the mind...a pick-a-mix of a month when all things mother nature has in her hand bag can erupt from within, in all manner of means to all four corners of this troglodyte City within seconds....5.30am this morning the big scrap of ice off my tiny red 2pm..gasping for a cold drink and thinking WTF as cabbages melt inside my heat bites my head and i look for shade, as my tiny red van pants a tin metal wrasp fit to echo up to the moon and back.
I am thankful Winter has nearly lost its grip so sour it has been so depressing to work across its scope day after day with more fluffy..WTF'S than anything the word drag escapes from the local Drag Queen found screaming up the lamp post singing Blue plomp amongst the now tired daffodils whom seem to have risen in ever increasing numbers amongst the hedgerows i pass..i am sure Goblins and Gargoyles have tip toed during the Four in the Morning hour to strew them far and wide....they have been nice to watch dancing away in that mind bongo bongo dance i feel quite attached too, as if i could perform such a trance dance, kissing boo to winters drag sighing in relief....perhaps winter might just not arrive next year if i dance and jig long enough...So Goeth....

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